Saturday, January 30, 2016


If you follow me on twitter than you know I have been thinking about getting a DXRACER chair for a while now. Here at Pax South they had a booth with all their chairs on display for people to sit and see how they feel.

I thought spending 300 and up on a chair was kind of stupid but then had to think about what a actual good office chair costs and the fact that I'm sitting for a good portion of my day. If sit and play games for more than 2 to 3 hours a day then I should invest in something comfortable and that will last (I have gone through several cheaper office chairs). Well being able to actually try them out in person has made me a believer. These are some sturdy and really comfortable chairs. They come in several different styles, sizes and colors and I just cant express enough how great they feel.  Check out the images and visit WWW.DXRACER.COM to get more info.

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  1. In the piece of furniture trade you actually get what you get hold of. If you see associate workplace chair that appears sort of a deal that's too smart to be true, presumably it most likely is. low cost workplace chairs can lack in adjustability, not permitting the user to totally change the chair to satisfy their body's desires and can instead result in spare aches and pains throughout the work day. they're going to even be created of cheaper materials that area unit possible to interrupt over time which can perpetually ought to get replaced so as to possess a practical workplace chair. sadly, once one a part of associate workplace chair stops functioning properly or breaks, the entire entire chair is comprised and primarily useless.