Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gaming Goons Episode #45 - Is This Thing On?

Well here we are again back like we never left. We did this show kind of early in the day on Friday because my work schedule changed but we will go back to our regular show times next week. The days we record are also sporadic because of the way my schedule works so bear with me, we won't record or post the show on the same day every week unfortunately. This week we have a news packed show plus impressions on the Socom 4 beta and Crysis 2 so hopefully everyone enjoys the show. Hit me up with questions in the comment section or email me at and I will be sure to incorporate your questions into the show. RIP to Nate Dogg, I meant to do a tribute last week and I was slipping, my bad. Hit that button and enjoy the show. The MP3 download and stream are located directly above the topics. The new iTunes link is above the shows topics.

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  • What's New With The Crew, What We've Been Playing
  • Homefront Sells A Million In A Week, Ships 2.4 Million Thus Far
  • Duke Nukem Pushed Back Yet Again.....This Time To June 10th
  • 3DS US Releases This Sunday (March 27th), Guess How Much It Cost To Make?
  • Nintendo Says They Aren't Interested In "Garage" Developers
  • XBLA Indie Developers Talk About Changes They Would Like To See
  • New Hate Speech Study Being Conducted On XBL
  • New Super Stardust HD DLC Inbound This Spring On PSN
  • Final Mass Effect 2 DLC Coming March 29 On All Platforms (PC, 360, PS3)
  • AT&T Buys T-Mobile, The Merger Should Be Complete Sometime In 2012
  • Ghostbusters: Sanctum Of Slime Impressions
  • Crysis 2 Impressions
  • Socom 4 Beta Impressions
  • The Big Graphics Debate (Not Really)

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