Monday, October 26, 2015

New School Gamers Can't Be Old School'ed

I often find it difficult to convince younger gamers that gaming used to be better. While I wholeheartedly understand that I come to that conclusion with a certain bias, that doesn't automatically mean that my conclusion is wrong. Right?

Of course not. For the sake of argument just agree with me on this one. Gaming was better before. Just like music was better before and cinema was better before and so on and so forth. I'm right about that. Remember, you're supposed to be agreeing with me on this one for the sake of the argument. This is all due in part to the fact that the consumer was better before. As gaming grew from a niche entertainment enjoyed by nerds and geeks(something else that used to be considered outside the mainstream and not as acceptible as it is today), to the multi-billion dollar behemoth that it is today, the gamer and the gamer's tastes have also changed drastically over the years. And with these changes comes the acceptance and dismissal of practices that these different types of gamers accept differently. Old guards like myself don't like certain practices that other younger gamers don't take issue with. So we ultimately find ourselves at a stalemate, trying to convince one another who is right in this situation. Is gaming better or worse today? Is it fair to be so black and white in inquisition? Well, like I said, I come to this argument with a bias. But like I said, for the sake of argument, I'm definitely right... Right?