Monday, November 9, 2015

Wii U Price Cut Doesn't Make Cents

Some people jokingly, or seriously refer to the Wii U as Nintendo's Dreamcast. I understand the comparisons, but in all honesty, the circumstances and outcomes of these two gaming machines is very different...

Nintendo recently released through infomation stemming from their anual investor meeting that the Wii U has finally crossed the 10 million threshhold during this first half of this year. While many have pointed out that it took Wii U more than a year to reach the 9 million threshold of the Sega Dreamcast in bombastic headlines and articles designed to bait your click, they fail at the nuanced information surrounding those circumstances that may not be so laughable or sexy to serve their cynical agenda. So I decided to do what many journalists in this industry often fail to do: Research. And with that research I found nuance that perhaps explains why not only is the Wii U profit wise not in the same boat as Dreamcast, but also why cutting the price of Wii U even further is a bad business decision for Nintendo. Want to know why. Well you'll have to watch the video below of course.

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